Thursday, July 21, 2016

2935. Parents in Need of Being Educated?

In my career as a teacher I have met marvelous parents, and families, from whom I could learn a lot, okay. 

But also I’ve encountered some many parents who are kind of too naive and think their children can never do bad things, serious bad things I mean. And they say or think “My son that? Never!”. 

And I’ve always thought those parents have to be called to school to have a tutoring session with their children’s teachers – assuming those teachers do know kids can do serious bad things too. 

What I mean, you know, is those parents should also be educated, in order to fulfill their role as parents or whatever family relations they are. 

However in no way do I intend to draw disastrous and pessimistic panoramas, just trying to draw something closer to reality. My style isn’t negative, and thank God I could say I’m rather optimistic, counting on human resources and on God’s grace and help – He loves us with a limitless dad’s and mom’s love! / Photo from: 747 wallpaper zone. The picture is just an illustration
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