Monday, July 4, 2016

2930. Have A Nice 4th of July

Today is 4th of July, and I’ve written some emails to friends I have there, in the US. So have a nice day. I shall celebrate it in some way.
Also today I will say something about parents’ role at our schools.
For example, some parents and families should encounter and meet up with other school parents, to join and share our kids’ education. Parents and families should come to the school, to be taught and educated, at the same way we educate their children.
We teachers have a lot to teach and tell our school parents about education and raising their kids, and also to learn from them parents.
But today I wanted to let you all know our school parents and families have a lot to learn. If we teachers, at school try to educate and raise our students, I guess our parents and families at school should listen to us teachers: both they and we pull the cart the same direction, don’t we?
I hope to write further about this point, but today I only would say that our school parents and families SHOULD find enough time to meet with us their dear teachers, and in no way is an excuse to be so hectic and busy, no way. You’re invited to our school, also now in the summer vacations, lest our kids would lose all they’ve learned at school with us during the school year! / Photo from: mail carrier www vicksburgpost com. this picture is a mere illustration
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