3346. Literature as a Language Learning Booster

It’s sensible to read books and e-books to learn and acquire a language.
Well, then I’d say that it may be also sensible to re-read books, above all if they’re non-fiction, like history for instance, and always if those books are in accordance to human dignity.
When we re-read books we take a lot more than when the book is read only once. As well we intake more vocabulary and that words amount is fixed and stuck to mind, and that lexis is retrieved nicely when speaking or writing.
When reading a novel for example, we learn but also we acquire vocabulary in an unaware way. Bear with me, it’s so, therefore we could apply this learning strategy. And besides it’s cool. And it has proved to be solid learning. Thank you for your attention.
/ Photo from: quora com. Lately I’m reading The Hobbit and yesterday I had a big laugh at it and had fun, it’s so great. I could borrow this book from one of my centers library: it was a donation by one of my female students.


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