3351. Helping Become Autonomous Learners

This morning I told you all that our students are and have to be free, if we want to educate them. Okay. Who is the student that really learns or learns at all? The one who wishes to. Only him.
As well the best discipline is self-discipline: in the classroom I listen and participate and work just because I want to. We teachers have to foster and respect that freedom. The one that will make our students learn.
We have to have our students behave nice in the classroom, for sure, but ultimately they’re free and they should be so. The best discipline? Self-discipline. Educating in that self-discipline. Liberty and the subsequent responsibility, of course.
In that way and from that angle we have to educate our youngsters.
As you can infer, all this means a particular insight. An important one. We teachers have to deepen into these ideas, I’d say. These paramount ideas.
Last but not least, we and our students and their families are free to love. I mean that the only person who can love is the free one. And that love leads us to freedom. And the free person is the only one that can love. I’ve seen it. Around me.
I’m referring to benevolence love: wishing and seeking what’s good for the other person, for the other persons. / Photo from: curso-escalada-en-hielo-22. The person who climbs the mountain ultimately is the one who wishes to… Oh, I wouldn't do that! ; )


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