3350. Our Students May Be So Great!

If we want to educate our students, we have to do so in freedom.
Our students are free. That’s the only way for their maturity process.
We teachers have to love their freedom. Otherwise we will not educate them right. And thoroughly. Not indeed.
They have to do things because they want to. We have to help them be free, and therefore and as a result, they will learn, and will grow as free citizens. And that’s precisely what we teachers want from them, right?
They will learn, also if they want to. We have to call on them to behave nice but ultimately they should be free.
Some authority at the school where I taught before made me think when he told me kind of the following: Okay, you have to have them behave nice, but ultimately they are free, free to obey you and respond to your calling on them.
Tomorrow or so I’ll write to you all some more things about this key value of liberty. Liberty and responsibility. Have a nice day. / Photo from: escalada-para-ninos-810x489 ShBarcelona


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