3356. More on Motivating Students

Today we had an American young man with us in our classroom.
Remember I have adult students. He is from Chicago and gave conversation to my dear students. Thus they could listen to a native speaker in English, which is what I teach. Remember also that my first language is Spanish, not English.
He will come every Wednesday.
Basically we’ll have conversation in English, but I’m planning activities also in case we have nothing much to say. We’re lucky we can count on native speakers. Because my students are used to listening to me, and they have to invest some nice effort at understanding him and talking with him too.
My students were prompt to talk with Michael, from Chicago, as I said. He’s studying social studies, also Spanish among his subjects. And it’s great we have him in our classroom, for my students can hear authentic English...
They’re quite motivated, I can see. All of them participated in the discussion, about general topics today. We have this chance to learn more English, thanks to my coordinator or admin, Antonio. / Photo from: Madrid puerta-de-alcalá Cronica Norte. That is a famous arch we have in Madrid, Spain.


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