3362. Developing Motivation in Our Students

Some days ago I wrote some notes on the computer, “Good learners are the ones that are aware of their learning. Plus they are able to self-asses their work and reflect on their learning. Good learners are autonomous learners. And all this reflects on their grades and marks, in the long run and not that long. March 20, 2018.”
And we as teachers want our students learn and get good grades, right?
We could devote a few classes to trying our students would think of these things, plus of learning and studying and researching techniques.
Therefore they will become aware of some conscious learning.
Summing up: We have to teach our students how to become good students by making them realize of all those thinking processes. Besides they’ll also become more motivated to continue and carry on learning and studying. / Photo from: SPRING-in-JAPAN-1920x1200 hdwallpaperup com. A season illustration


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