3353. To the Moon in that Way You Said!?

I told you all on the previous post that we have to plan short- and long-term goals. Well, among those goals – also for just lessons – we should think of high objectives.
I mean we have to dream high about our students and what they can achieve: good students, good sons and daughters, good citizens.
We may have classroom problems – who doesn’t have them? – but we can think high about our students.
If we treat them a bit better than they are or they seem they are, they will become better persons. Unless we treat them well, they will not achieve to be honorable, honest and upright persons.
That’s what I’ve been taught as a teacher, and I believe in that. Some posts ago I told you all that through tutoring sessions with each kid we can obtain and attain a lot from them: when you treat each person on his own, by knocking on his heart, you may help that person reach so high.
I’ve seen it.
As a gang they may behave ugly but when knocking on their hearts as individuals you can see they can reach so far…

Oh, and better if male teachers have tutorials with male students and the same with regard to women. / Photo from: astronaut-wallpaper


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