3359. How to Come Across Brilliant Ideas for Classes

Some days ago I wrote the following notes for later posting, “The teacher could take notes about lucky and brilliant ideas for the classes that come to mind when teaching, when strolling around, when planning lessons… March 12, 2018.”
He could have a diary or some sheets of paper to write on.
While doing other things the teacher could come across brilliant ideas to implement in his classes.
Also since the teacher should dedicate some daily time to personal study and self-growth as a teacher he could jot down some notes for later implementation.
Lately I could tell you that some quite a nice number of my posts on this blog come from notes I write on the computer or in my diary.
Some writers along history have done something similar: composing from previous notes, for example at their moleskins or diaries. Also some major literary works had a humble origin. Now I’m reading great Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Well, you may know that the origin of this masterpiece was some tales the author wrote for his younger children, and now The Lord of the Rings is a major universe of literature…
/ Photo from: The Lord of the Rings


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