3363. It Has to Do with Sense of Humor

We obviously treat our students every single day. Okay then, whatever we say and do influence on them. So we should care about what we say and do. All that educates our students. Or it may hurt them.
Whatever we do or whatever we don’t, influence on them too.
For instance we as teachers should set an example. Thus we must try and be honorable and honest and delicate.
We in some way or other take care of our students too. We must be delicately prompt to become interested in what they want to tell us.
If we struggle to improve as teachers and as persons, we will positively help out our students. If we behaved bad that would also influence on them.
Something more practical? Plan your lessons trying they be the best ever or at least try and do your best in the classroom. And when planning your lessons, have your students in mind, plus their needs and expectations. / Photo from: ireland tbsstudio com


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