3347. How to Become the Correct Teacher...

Some days ago I wrote among my notes for posting, “Teachers, your experience is something very valuable, short it may be though! February 28, 2018.”
And I have little else to say.
Experience makes us hit the target on the very middle for many times, for quite many times. Unless you’re an experienced teacher, you can find veteran colleagues who are prone and prompt to help you for sure. It’s a great thing to count on others, and you know it is so.
The first years of a rookie teacher may be dreadful, but, like I said, with passing years you learn how to hit on the right point that will allow your students to really learn quite a lot.
Experience also gives you flexibility, a feature that is needed to adapt to our students’ needs and be firm at steering the wheel toward the direction and goals I know are okay with my students.
Last but not least, although we may be veterans we ought to still learn from other teachers, also whenever they try to correct us on the very center of the target. Let’s be humble! / Photo from: rainy-day. I post this pic because it’s raining pretty much in the south-east of Spain, and we were having a serious drought…


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