3352. On Becoming Creative Teachers

I can see we teachers are concerned about lesson planning, and that’s okay. I have also seen most of us are concerned about long-term goals and short-term goals. I’m trying to shed some light about this issue.
We should have objectives and concerns about our classes, here I mean groups. Beside we plan each lesson we should have some orientation about what our dear students should attain in the following weeks, and that’s short-term or middle-term goals.
It is kind of some view about what our students have to achieve, which is something we will not attain in a single lesson, but it demands more lessons.
Those objectives or that single objective is something our students need to accomplish.
For example I can plan next lesson goals, but also I reckon my students are in need of improving or attaining some longer-term goals, like for instance to give their presentations of a topic their choice.
Another example, I can plan some activities for next lesson but also I can have in mind that my students need to gain fluency at speaking in English in the classroom plus gaining more accuracy concerning grammar too.
So it is something I bear in mind about my students, and which helps me plan each lesson. And that’s it. Got it? / Photo from: astronaut_suit_man


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