3349. What Are Our 21st Century's Cars LIke?

I said on the previous post that our students should like what they’re reading, okay too.
However we have to bear in mind that some readings and texts our students could not like too much.
My experience tells me that also when our students enroll and embark in a given activity, if they invest effort, in the end and eventually our students like that activity pretty much.
Sometimes or even often first comes the effort, then the enjoying what they’re carrying out. First effort, then motivation. Let’s also bear that in mind.
/ Photo from: 1983_Nissan_NX21_Concept_01. We are before a curious picture: it is a concept car about what our 21st century’s cars might be like… according to a design back to 1983: like that our car designers thought our cars might be now. I like past concept cars.


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