3361. Autonomous Learners, Yes Sir!

We teachers should take into account that we have to invest effort in making our students become autonomous learners and with their own engine to boost some nice learning.
We might think we could go slower if teaching students to be autonomous, but in the long run we gain a lot.
Autonomous learners are like locomotives. They can assess themselves and they’re aware of their own learning process.
What to do to achieve that? If they’re mature enough – our students I mean – we can devote some few lessons to reflect upon this point and to work on learning and studying techniques.
You teachers likely are experts at studying, researching and investigating, for you’ve passed through those learning processes.
In few words, let’s dedicate a few classes to ponder about learning, studying, reading and researching.
We also should teach our students how to select material from the Internet, because they may encounter so much information that they could become overwhelmed by that burden!
As you can see all this has a lot to do with the flipped-classroom approach to learning. You can find more about flipped-classroom learning on this blog labels at the right column of it. And then you may agree or disagree. / Photo from: CNN com


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