3354. Reading as a Language Learning Booster Again!

My experience at reading novels in accordance to human dignity and therefore learning English is great.
When you do this you learn… and acquire a lot of vocabulary.
And then words will come to mind when writing or speaking.
As you read and read and read you create and make up kind of a net of words and you’ll learn more and more words in an easier way. Plus you will take the sense of language: that language passes to be a second one of yours. It’s so great!
You learn and acquire words in a mature way.
As you read you become able to learn and acquire more lexis, and you may become capable to compare your use and usage of lexis to the one of a native speaker, more and more, with likely mistakes and errors, but you do advance on this pathway to success at learning and acquiring a foreign or second language. It’s so great!
/ Photo from: JourneyLeaf – Typepad. I post a picture of a rainy landscape, like lately in Spain: it is raining with profusion and abundance, thank God.


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