3355. How to Treat Students with Discipline

I’ve seen something sensible in the schools I’ve worked in.
The teachers treated the teens as if they were responsible people, and these latter ones tried to be so. Also those teachers tried those kids would behave in a mature way.
In some way they were treated like they were adults, or something kind of that. In other words the teachers treated the teens in a serious way, by taking into account what the kids said, by taking as something serious and important what the kids said.
Well, they were kids but not silly people, they were young but not silly.
As a result those kids responded in also a serious way, because they liked to be treated in that way.
So they were treated as adults or at least with respect and deference. For example when those teachers wanted to arrange an appointment with such or such students to talk at a tutoring session you could see they were dealing with a serious matter.
They were treated with respect and as if they were persons of high category, with nothing fussy anyway. Trusting in them at the same time. In that way those young people matured, indeed they did. / Photo from: Eiffel Tower veltra com


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