3357. How to Combat Routine and Dullness

Some days ago I wrote this note for later posting, “Teaching a language has something of an art and of a technique. March 10, 2018.” And it’s really so!
You can wonder why you became a teacher, and that’s okay, but over time you gain experience, and routine and dullness could get inside you. And we must be alert. We have got to recycle our teaching.
By learning from other teachers, reading on websites and teachers’ blogs, reading books on teaching, having a word with the department head, introducing new techniques and procedures, eliminating others that do not turn out well, getting more ample views about teaching, teaching by love (to God, to the students, to their families; which is love of benevolence: seeking what’s good for them all), reading on education and family from books in accordance to human dignity…
Also by attending webinars or participating in forums.
As well by thinking of what the students need, but I will talk about this latter point on coming days. Have a nice Saint Patrick’s Day! / Photo from: irish_village


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