3358. How to Plan Lessons and Further Goals

We teachers have to plan the lessons and we may be embarked in such a labor. Okay, that’s okay. But also the teacher should consider and bear in mind what his students need along the following weeks.
He should take into account and bear in mind some things his students need to improve.
Or in other words, what he should carry out in view of his students’ academic necessities.
As well those general ideas to take into account may refer to the students’ feelings and sentiments. For example I could think that my students have to prepare oral presentations about a topic their choice, but on the other hand I can bear in mind that what they more urgently need is to have some fun or some relax in the following classes, perhaps some nice sense of humor...
All that series of goals may be something intuitive, and it’s much easier when the teacher is gaining experience.
I’m finishing this post. Alike what I have to take into account may also be something my students have to improve as a class of students. All this is something rather intuitive and comes to mind is a second, for example: Well what my students now have to improve is such and such. And that’s it. It comes to mind!
/ Photo from: meninas_museo_prado Madrid spanisculture com. I’d like to post that painting by great Velázquez, which is in Museo del Prado, Madrid, Spain. If you gazed and contemplated it closely you could discover so many great tricks that picture has! He painted in the 17th century at the Spanish monarchs’ palaces.


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