3348. Our Students Like Stories!

Reading simplified and abridged readers can boost learning the foreign or second language, okay.
When reading those readers the learner faces a communication problem to solve: he has to understand… and enjoy the novel or the non-fiction book.
When we people face a communication problem to solve, we learn the language more quickly, even we acquire that target tongue – subconscious learning.
Now I’d like to focus on the enjoying issue: the student should enjoy the reading. That helps to learn for quite much.
Think of classic works of literature for example, also in accordance to human dignity and adequate to kids.
Often we focus on the learning process and the like, but also we should foster our students would enjoy the reading. Also that’s my experience: when I like what I’m reading I take that book with more gusto.
So let’s make up a classroom library for our students to choose what they want to read. And remember to think of classical readers, for they provide with human values that make that reading an educative process too: enjoying and learning, two in a single stroke.
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