Sunday, November 3, 2013

1459. Cleaning the school from bad words

Teacher B said to teacher A, “One day at the sport field one student gave a chuckle about a teacher who was invigilating the play grounds. The student was with a small gang walking about. The point is that that student told the teacher’s school nickname or alias among the kids. 

The teacher did hear the insult, although it had been in a low voice.

After the recess the teacher went to this boy’s classroom and asked the teacher then whether the little terrorist could get out of the classroom to have a word with the insulted teacher. 

This latter one said to the student that the best thing he could do was retiring from the school. 

In the end, thank God, all solved more peacefully and the student had the permission of remaining in the school. 

Now the teacher amicably greets the student on the street, while this one says back an amicable greeting. 

Something the teacher oughtn’t to do was just doing nothing, doing as if hearing raining – no old boy.” / Photo from: street cleaner concept www designbuzz com
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