Friday, November 15, 2013

1485. More about necessary homework

At home the student ought to count on an atmosphere that would help him study. 

Once more it’s the parents and elder siblings the ones who can provide this ambience at home. 

There can be little siblings running around and all that, but the student should have a quiet room to carry out his homework, maybe with one of his brothers in the room too. 

Homework and reading. 

Reading can aid a lot to the kid to mature. Think of classics. 

Maybe not as much as a student that attended a camp of English last summer. I was helping out with further conversations in English with each kid. That one had read Grecian The Iliad and The Odyssey, but… now I think to remember he had read abridged versions of both literary monuments. 

Anyway, if for instance dad and mom read books, more likely the kids will read books or comics too. 

That kid’s father is a teacher of Latin and Greek at secondary education. / Photo from: Student reading library. uschool nova edu
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