Thursday, November 14, 2013

1482. Why this blog?

Who is the author of these posts do you think? Teacher A? Teacher B? It doesn’t matter. 

I would like to write without the premise of having to open my blog so as to learn whose is the turn, either teacher A or B. Since you’re clever, you may have realized that it’s something of a trick to prevent Fernando from saying the things of this blog himself, in a dogmatic way. 

However it is more important that you all readers have enjoyed the pictures and the texts would have told you something useful maybe. And helpful. You can be teachers of English or teachers of other subjects, or sweet housewives and moms that dedicate full or part of their time to their home, and eventually few seconds or minutes to have a peek at the blog, if the case. 

The point is I’ve had the resolution to write something useful. 

Mostly I’ve enjoyed composing the blog, and would be satisfied someone enjoyed reading some of the posts. 

I say all this stuff for I’m not the protagonist of this blog, but it’s you reader, and my students, and scholars, and laymen: all of you have made the blog possible. 

Thank you, oh, and many thanks to TeacherLingo, because they have published the posts. The team is great. / Photo from: ss_iStock_000004165885 jehno74 wordpress com
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