Friday, November 22, 2013

1505. Learning to write texts

A subject to be passed still is that students should know how to make a composition, or a story, or an essay. 

Many students arrive at college and they don’t master writing. 

Among people who know how to write we can find some that prefer to start writing and they are incorporating what comes to mind. Others prefer to make a mental or written layout, and from there they would begin to write. 

We as teachers of modern languages can offer both to the students, and these latter ones would choose. 

What we do have to teach is that usually texts have an introduction, a development and a conclusion. 

Other things we should teach are linkers and conjunctions. 

Secondly the students should practice writing in class. 

Another thing we’ve got to teach is that the texts ought to be easily understood and clear, and all the sentences relevant. / Photo from: husband and wife washing dishes. denisewymore wordpress com
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