1498. Don't get frustrated if you're a rookie teacher

Some years ago with my family I watched a movie that may show multiple cases of students that do not want to study. 

Their teacher is rookie and fails when trying to teach these students. 

It is so until she proposes to everyone to write a diary. After some weeks she reads their diaries, where those adolescents tell the problems they have at home between their parents, or other reasons to not be motivated, also like drugs, alcohol, etc. 

She soon begins to understand their students, and their problems for not studying and working. 

So she changes her style of teaching since the fact of getting to know and understand her students. 

If you’re a rookie teacher or a novice one, do know that experience counts a lot. Don’t get frustrated: you’ll get it after a few years of teaching. 

The first year is terrible, the second one is not as bad as the first one, and the third year things run more smoothly, or at least it’s something a teacher and friend of mine ued to say. / Photo from: images footage. shutterstock com


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