Monday, November 11, 2013

1475. Good Morning

Teacher A said to teacher B, “Affection is an issue to be educated at tutoring sessions with the kids. Okay, but firstly affection must be educated and directed within the family. 

There can be a get-together session after a movie watched at home by the family. 

There are movies which are stupendous and can be scheduled by the family for a specific time. 

Dad and Mom can show the love they have to each other: I’m referring to talking and listening, sacrifice, kindness, a specific look at each other with a lot of meaning, and not to intimate love and conjugal confidence, which have their place and moment, not before their kids. 

So as to finish, at the school and according to families we can educate in affection, as always I say boys with male teachers and girls with female teachers – we teachers can answer their questions, but with their parents’ permission, because it’s them who have to educate in affection and intelligence.” / Photo from: 1952 Singing in the Rain. Gene Kelley, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. Debbie was 19 when the movie was filmed. This scene is unforgettable “Good Morning”
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