Thursday, November 7, 2013

1466. The way that teacher is

Teacher B said to teacher A, “An utter teacher ought to be prudent and sensible, ought to pose problems in the class, and solve them. 

In a class of a foreign language, like English, should also be flexible and when he was thinking in the way to answer a student’s question, then suddenly changes and this change is clearly observable by the students because that teacher is thinking aloud. 

The teacher has found a simpler and easier way to solve that problem or that question. 

For example, a student asks a question about the subjunctive mode of verbs in English. Firstly the teacher was going to talk about modal verbs: would, should…, but then he prefers to explain the subjunctive that is more widely used in American English, which coincides with the bare infinitive. This verbal mode isn’t exclusive of the American variety of English anyway. 

In the end he shifts again and writes on the whiteboard something like ‘Mr. Barret asked his students that they should study the irregular verbs for the next day. = Mr. Barret asked his students study the irregular verbs for the next day.' And he goes on explaining furtherly.” / Photo from: girl reading book   www theguardian com
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