Monday, November 11, 2013

1476. Learning to work nice

Teacher B said to teacher A, “Discipline? The best and utter one is self-discipline, which tells you what to do now, at the right moment. 

The teacher must have that self-discipline. 

Self-discipline is something acquired by training, by repetition of the good action, both teacher and students. 

Discipline in the classroom can be gotten by delivering small jobs amid the students, by each kid choosing one small job, 
neatness in their notebooks and in the classroom, 
arriving on time, 
turning the lights on or off according to the moment, 
quietness for working, 
relaxing for working, 
setting desks nice into straight lines, 
a kid closing the windows that were opened to air and ventilate the classroom because the ambiance was stuffy, but now they should be closed because we’re in November, 
and last but not least, the teacher addressing each kid with politeness and respect, the teacher learning to ask a kid to do something demanding, which is possible and beneficial for that kid then.” / Photo from: Sewer-Repair. icezen com  
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