Friday, November 22, 2013

1508. When two students are fighting

Sometimes two students fight with each other at the playground. What to do then? 

I think of several things. Some of the ideas on this post have been inspired by a web site. 

The first thing obviously is separate them from each other. 

Then let’s talk with each other about the conflictive point, both students separated. Listen, listen, listen: it’s very important. 

Coming to the head, the main thing is to show them that by fighting nothing is gotten. 

That moment can be educative: each student should forgive the other and learn to talk instead and find a solution in another way. 

Go to the roots: never fighting is the solution – they should talk to each other instead, and maybe turn to a teacher if necessary. The teachers of the school are like referees, they don’t take advantage of one of the two parts. 

Conflicts ought to be solved by talking. In their future life they will have to reduce a conflict by talking. 

Both students should get something learned from the fighting. 

Often, albeit you are right, you have to allow the other part to “win”, in order to not fight anymore about something often small. / Photo from: hot-to-ask-for-help-or-introductions www bothsidesofthetable com
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