Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1461. My baggage is for you readers

As you can see, in my blog there are a lot of posts. How to benefit from the blog? I offer you three possibilities. 

One is to read the last pages of the blog. Many of you view the last posts and pages. 

The second possibility is to search for the topic you want some information about by using the SEARCH box. In this latter case you will view the last posts about the topic. And enjoy if possible. 

The third way is clicking on the Label you want some information about. There is a column of Labels on the right hand of the blog.

By the way, the sources for the posts are the doctoral thesis I was going to write, plus daily experience, imagination based on real life, the book I wrote about the topics of teaching and learning English as a foreign language, things I read from the bibliography about the topics, inspiring things I read in the web site of TeacherLingo - mainly other teachers’ blogs or sites, etc. / Photo from: road trip old car 640x540  blog krb com
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