Friday, November 15, 2013

1483. Educating in virtues and values

Teacher A said to teacher B. “Effort. Struggle. I guess those values should be fostered and boosted and educated at home. Also at school. 

Today those virtues aren’t fashionable. 

However if not practiced, what kinda people will we have tomorrow? 

Something sensible is delivering small jobs at school, or offering them to the students of each class and the kids chose those small jobs they feel they’re more prone to carry them out. 

Nevertheless let’s not forget that firstly those values, plus fortitude must be educated at home. Each kid should have some responsibility albeit the main one is study. Now their parents should exert their discipline together with love and affection and tenderness.” / Photo from: dad being helped by a child of his. homeguides sfgate com. From here I stand by Filipinos and send them my prayers
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