Monday, November 4, 2013

1460. Climbing a rough mountain

Teacher A said to teacher B, “An utter activity I have implemented in classes of English has been to watch a movie and talk about it. 

First be sure the movie is for kids. 

An introduction by the teacher seems sound. You can ask who have watched it, or what they can think the film will be about after having learned the title. 

Now I’m recalling that one of the movies was Vertical Limit (about mountaineering adventures). Then we watched a piece of the movie, and from time to time I paused the film – not too many times; let’s them enjoy the film. 

This one was with subtitles or captions in English. 

When I stopped the movie, I asked them simple questions and more complex or profound ones for high-achievers. I asked them from a question which you’ve got to explain what it’s happening (present continuous), or how many people are on the scene, until more complex questions like why you think the girl is mad [upset, angry] with the young man. 

After having seen the utter movie I asked for a summary, which took us all to further discussion. You could hear intelligent and clever answers, yes old boy.” / Photo from: Mountaineering Canadian Rockies www icefall ca
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