Saturday, November 16, 2013

1486. Today's crises. A message to teachers and educators

We have the economic crisis, terrorism, many youngsters are astray, the thing of Philippines... 

These crises are crises of saints, as Saint Josemaría wrote in his book The Way. So what? We need saints now, today. 

And where do they come from? Just you and I have been called to become saints. 

Me a saint? You’re crazy. And you’re right: with our only human strength we cannot, but we can with our Father God’s grace plus our correspondence. 

This message is in the four Gospels: they say something like, “Be perfect as my heavenly Father is perfect.” 

And Vatican Council II said the same message. 

And before, the founder of Opus Dei (the Work of God in Latin, an institution, a small part of the Church) also had said the same message. 

We need not to leave our daily life but to sanctify it, as I said, with the grace of the Lord. We can encounter God in everyday labor and life. 

We have the seven sacraments, prayer, giving a supernatural goal to our daily work, referring our struggles and normal stuff to Him… This is the grandeur of ordinary life, which can be full of God, and his Mom Saint Mary. / Photo from: homeguides sfgate com 
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