Tuesday, January 10, 2017

3056. Back again!

Oooops! I was longing for posting. Here we are. My last lesson before the Christmas break was amazing. Two of the students, two high-achievers, led my class, yes sir, they did. Which is good I mean.
I spoke at a rather high English-level. And I had other students with a lesser level of English. Good job anyway, I mean them, those two gentlemen. You know, I normally try to speak both for low-achievers and high-achievers, but on that very day I spoke at an advanced level all the time.
One of those men had been to Dublin a week before that lesson, because one's daughter lives there, and had spent close to a week there, so his English was quite good. Let’s stop here. By now. I hope to post every day or nearly that frequent about my interesting lessons – interesting I don’t mean by myself but on my students’ sake, for they’re quite good and pretty motivated. They’re grown-ups, good ones. At present I teach adults but I hope soon I will also teach teens again. / Photo from: problemi-uni universita piu problemi che didattica Manca... www scuolalazzo com.
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