Monday, January 30, 2017

3070. As Nice as Sports!

In the previous school where I taught the teachers used to encourage students who were getting bad grades.
And in the case those students made an effort to improve their grades, and their performance and efficiency as well, they were helped and encouraged even more. Even they were helped at their grades. I mean, in case one teacher was doubtful about a test which was near pass, that student could be helped to pass his test: it was a matter of decimals, and he was showing a great effort to better.
Besides those kind teachers got joyful and you could feel it. Tutoring sessions, individual ones with that student who was starting to improve were an excellent occasion for encouraging him and making him getting aware about what was getting better and why!
Also his parents could be called to come to the school for them to learn that their son was achieving a nice output, and how he could improve even more. Thus his parents and family were enrolled into that improving process! / Photo from: rowing Alex Gregory MBE. At sports: it’s a great and nice example of an enterprise where you’ve got to improve your records, isn’t it?
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