Monday, January 16, 2017

3061. How to Foster Communication

I told you all on post #3058 that communication inside marriage or between the boyfriend and the girlfriend is of a paramount importance, right? Well I knew of a marriage, not long ago, which got this interesting communication one day, by walking along a beach, in winter, like now, and they could talk between them and have small laughs.
That’s just one example of getting and achieving communication, and getting to know each other, which is very important. They were strolling along the seaside and talking and laughing for pretty long; they two alone.
At other circumstances, day by day, both marriage and courting couples should attain this marvelous communication, to get to know the other person well. Human being needs communication, and, by the way, we foreign or second language teachers can do a lot about all this.
This post has been written from some notes I scribbled last Christmas, and I just wanted to let you know about it. Engagement is a basic and fundamental stage to prepare both people for marriage: they should know each other quite well before they get married! / Photo from: A Broken Crayon
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