Monday, January 23, 2017

3067. A Peaceful Classroom

Our dear students need a rather peaceful and quiet atmosphere in the classroom to work, to study, to learn, and to develop themselves and grow in maturity, each one regarding his or her own way of being.
Each one has his personality and we teachers have to foster his strong positive points and help diminish his or her flaws: what hinders them from learning, mainly but not only: we’ll be in touch with their parents to concentrate forces to combat their defects.
A quick “trick” to keep them quiet and silent is dictations.
However we teachers, and I know you all try it hard, have to make up that nice quiet atmosphere by having them focused on their tasks at the moment. In a relaxed atmosphere – respectful of silence I mean – it’s the only way they can grow upright and honest.
With our work as teachers we can greatly facilitate it. Think of the way you fulfill your own work: you may have written your lesson plan, thought about themselves when planning the lesson… even thinking of each of them, in a quick way: you mentally make out where your students are sitting and so you have a scheme of your students, or more generally, you may well think of the real students you have in your classrooms, as a whole but also particularly each student, up to some extent. / Photo from: New York Post mountain climbing. Climbing a mountain is a team work. Running a class is also a team work: both students and us teachers!
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