Saturday, January 21, 2017

3065. Discussions on the USA New Government

An interesting activity for our second or foreign language classes? Discussions! If we can implement them in our lessons, with our students, it means and shows they have at least an intermediate language level. It means and entails our students can talk about interesting topics and can express and convey their opinions, ideas and feelings.
We can easily find topics for discussion, but I will show you two: Trump as the new USA president and Syrian and Iraqi refugees’ tragedy now in winter and always. If we’re Europeans for example we can also discuss on Trump’s government because his government realization also affects us and globally as well, for better or for worse - we hope for better.
Discussing capability shows our students have some intermediate or advanced levels. It means our students can enjoy their talking in the target language, namely English in my case. I insist on purpose: our students show they have an intermediate or advanced level, and can use the target tongue as a nice way of expressing their ideas and thoughts.
In contrast with that I can tell you an anecdote. Last Christmas a Chinese origin friend of mine taught us, in some minutes, with a powerpoint, some very basic rudiments of Chinese: it was so difficult, and evidently we could not express what we felt in that great language. But in English we can. On coming class-days I will carry out this nice activity with my students. / Photo from: teacher www i-to-i com
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