Tuesday, January 31, 2017

3072. While Galloping in a Hurry!

Oh, I’m in a bit of a hurry, and besides I’ve got to teach and recycle my English, to maintain a nice level of that marvelous language.
I already have a level that is equivalent to C2, but, as I said, I have got to recycle it and improve it, all the time.
After Christmas I made the resolution of learning one, or two… or a few words daily from The Oxford Dictionary of English, all of a masterpiece. Sorry for the mistakes and errors. Well, dear people, aren’t you in a hurry too? I know that most or nearly all the teachers that read what I post are busy ones, aren’t you?
And, however, you achieve to teach your discipline as good as possible – I know you in some way, readers of TeacherLingo. So I will have to learn words from here, from there, picking one here, picking one from there beyond, even consulting the dictionary at the classes and lessons proper or from my smartphone!
Sometimes something nice that occurs to me is that I can retrieve words I’ve learned once but I don’t remember neither when nor where. Yesterday I was teaching about laws and acts, and then I remembered a word I had learned somewhere: “decree”, and so I included that word among the ones I taught to my dear grown-ups.
It’s just that: though I had made the resolution of learning a few words in a systematic way I’ll have to confine to learning while my horse is galloping on the dunes of the marvelous landscape of teaching English in a provincial city of the south of Spain, a very beautiful city you should sometime visit: Granada. Don’t miss it, it’s so inspiring! / Photo from: La Alhambra, Granada, Spain. Granada is the city where I live! When are you coming?
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