Thursday, January 12, 2017

3057. Don't lose your love

Last Christmas I read about a marriage whose love to each other was so extraordinary… and ordinary too.
It was a non-fiction text. In that couple you could see so marvelous love is within marriage. Now I would try to tell you about it, in brief lines. The main point was that each spouse desired and wished the other spouse be happy, up to the point each person would forget about himself or herself, in some way. Each spouse did not seek him or herself in a selfish and egoist way: they sought the other’s happiness, as I said.
Something practical they did to maintain and hold their mutual love alive was to dedicate and devote some daily time for communication with each other. Ok, but what if they had children and these latter ones would like to tell about their own things? I can assure you their children signified a union and joining point for those two people.
However they also tried to save some special time for communication between them two, maybe when their dearest children were in bed. What I mean is that they intended to keep the love they professed to each other at their initial times when they had gotten married. Each and every single day they tried to enamor the other one, also when wrinkles and white hair started to show...
Well, to be honest I’m telling you about the love twenty-one marriages had had through history, and about which I read last Christmas. It was a book about that number of marriages, from medieval times to the 20th century. I liked it a lot and I wanted to tell you about it: I believe in real love. On coming days or within some days I could tell you more about those history marriages: some were monarchs, some common people too. / Photo from: Alcazaba de Badajoz casco historico Gobierno de Extremadura. I was born in Badajoz, west of Spain, close to Portugal.
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