Friday, January 13, 2017

3058. Something Great Definitely

On the last post I told you about marriage love, right? Aristotle had to know a lot about it when he said that spouses’ love increases according they both grow in virtues and values – virtues and values thus would enamor each other.
Maturity also makes that love increase. When years pass, that love can increase too: each spouse tries the other be happy, and this latter point makes you mature a lot, I’d say.
Love is a feeling, first of all, chronologically I mean, according to psychiatrist Enrique Rojas, but love is not only feeling and sentiment, but also it is love of benevolence – think about what I said that in marriage each spouse tries the other one be happy. As well it has something of saying, “Okay, I would like to share my life with you, forever.”
In other words, both spouses wish to live with the other one: it’s like saying “Okay, it’s so great you exist!” So we have love is a feeling, benevolence love too, sharing common life too, plus reason: not only heart does intervene in marriage love but also thought and mind (not merely feeling and that’s it).
As well love involves the whole person: it’s grand you exist, but our love doesn’t confine to sex. The whole person is involved, and sexual relationships are wished to perpetuate into children, and alike it is so, say, in a chaste way: they want their body union to perpetuate into children and to mean and signify both spouses’ love to each other; it’s something sublime. It’s not only falling in love – which is present obviously – yet much more. I still could write a bit more, on coming posts, or maybe I will change the topic. / Photo from: airplane wing cloudy sky Videezy
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