Sunday, January 15, 2017

3060. Don't Let Your Vocabulary Get Rusty

I was given a present last Christmas, a good one: the Oxford Dictionary of English, a very good dictionary, evidently. In the printed version. I also use Wordreference online dictionary, when for example typing a new blog post.
That Oxford dictionary is similar or equivalent in Spain to the Dictionary of Spanish by Real Academia Española de la Lengua. I’ve made the same resolution I’ve taken with other smaller dictionaries: to study and learn one, or two, or some few words each and every day, which will take me a few minutes, but it will yield and generate a vast vocabulary tank with passing time and over time.
Together with reading novels in English plus learning from other teachers’ blogs and websites and from TeacherLingo, I will make up a vast lexis tank for later retrieval and use.
From time to time, when writing or speaking in English some words come to mind: they’re words I’ve learned throughout years. All this is something I would advise others to do: to face up an activity that may make you learn a lot of interesting words, and even more if you’re an English language teacher or another language teacher too. Besides it’s a gratifying and productive activity.
If you’re a foreign or second language teacher you should do something concerning this life-long enterprise which is learning that foreign or second language, right? See you soon! / Photo from: 2787-old-train-red Wallpaper. Don’t let your vocab become rusty!
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