Wednesday, January 18, 2017

3064. Concerned about Our Students?

You may have kept concerned about possible demotivated students... I knew a male college residence director from Switzerland who had some prestige among his residents and the students that attended the residence for studying at the study hall.
He was joyful but demanding too, dressed up but close and affectionate too. He had gained his residents’ affection and prestige. He was close to his residents and used to learn about what they might be worried about. With him they could feel confident too, and if there was any problem he was rather prone to help out, if possible.
He did nothing odd or weird to make his weight felt: with a smile and an affectionate word he had gained those young men. He was not their buddy anyway. / Photo from: College-Professor Odyssey. I had this picture kept among others, and it suits and fits in here.
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