Wednesday, January 18, 2017

3063. Smiling Helps

You may have clearly noticed that when our students are motivated and even enthused, they learn better. Smiling by you helps, as I said on the previous post. Also you may have noted that the way you present something, for example even if you’re enthused, your students will follow and listen to you better.
I would say we teachers should be enthused about what we teach. Maybe it isn’t an explosive enthusiasm, okay, but as you like or may like what you teach, you will pass on that liking to your students. Little by little you’ll gain them for learning. It’s so, it’s like that, and you may know it.
Recently flipped-classroom methodologies are being used and implemented: at the classroom they do exercises and work on texts students may have found about in the Web, and at home they will revise, deepen into and study what they’ve learned at school.
The more they work, study and research (with your help and assistance), the more they will like what they’re dealing with. And at that process, they’ll see you like what they’re learning and they will get motivated. The more they work, the more they will want to keep on learning!
About demotivated students I could write on another post, but you may know that the more you work, plan your classes and put in their shoes, the more you’ll gain them to learning. You can see other posts at the “motivation” tag, at the right column of my blog. / Photo from: Verge Magazine
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