Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3062. Just Smiling

We teachers should create a nice atmosphere where we work at school. We should be nice with our colleagues, and in that way we will be helping them a lot, is that right?
And what can we do? Think for example of smiling. Just smiling. It helps a lot. It’s something great for meeting with colleagues, admins and other school personnel.
Even a smiling face can create a nice atmosphere among our students, concerning class management. That smile can mean we can control the class. It may show we are the masters of class management: students could notice we can master discipline among them – but before we should be sure we can master so!
Our students may notice we can control the situation; I don’t know quite well, but as I said, smiling may show we’re tranquil and easy about class management. I've seen it: smiling is something very serious...
Moreover smiling can open us many ways inside school, but it should be an honest and sincere smile: we pursue helping out at school; in no way is that smile a trick to seek ourselves in a selfish way: what we intend is to assist and help other people. Philosopher and theologian Saint Thomas of Aquinas said we need smiling faces around us! / Photo from: WallpaperUP. The picture is a season one: in the north hemisphere we’re in winter.
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