Saturday, September 2, 2017

3252. Content-Based Instruction as Something Great!

Many of us teachers believe that the communicative approach to teaching/learning a second or foreign language is okay, or among the best ones. But that way of teaching and learning is not confined to just conversation.
Wait, wait, conversation is okay, and very necessary and a core point at that approach, but also we should give that way of teaching/learning both a functional and notional stroke too.
And it isn’t very difficult. You can think of focusing on ways to express functions, like suggesting, discussing, pleading, etc., plus dealing with topics and their vocabulary: at a restaurant, talking among friends, at the airport, shopping, etc.
Think of everyday situations your students will encounter.
I insist on purpose: conversation anyway is pretty important for this way of teaching and learning, and if you achieve to have nice conversations in the classroom, that point solves the rub, up to some extent.
So as to finish, our role in the classroom is not just patching up, but programming functions and notions. Oh, and let’s remember the main thing in the classroom is for the students, both grown-ups and kids to be happy with our teaching methodology! / Photo from: ConceptoDefinicion de. When trekking we need to know the way up, also in the classroom we must know the way we teach.

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