Tuesday, September 5, 2017

3254. How to Empathize with Our Students

I repeat on purpose: our students should be easy and somehow relaxed in the classroom. But at the same time some nice and sane tension helps them learn! They may be eager to participate for example. And some challenge is necessary to learn! Great history deeds by people have been done because of some challenge or problem to solve…
In the classroom the atmosphere should be quiet and predisposed for learning, listening, reading and studying. We teachers in some way should be like fine self-help books. In other words we have to have some psychology, often due to experience and learning from other teachers and psychologists.
The atmosphere, as I said, should be peaceful. For that objective we teachers should empathize with our students, and also should try and understand them.
Last summer I was assisting at an English camp for boys. One of the boys had the disease of solitude. He didn’t like rumors and noise, so frequent at a boys’ camp, right? This kid wanted to be alone and preferred to read a book at the school hall than participate in a loud sport session of soccer for example.
Well thank God I achieved to somewhat empathize with him and even sometimes he managed a smile. Why? I guess I got to put in his shoes and kind of that. His monitors also accomplished to treat him nice. Since I had some experience at treating persons with mental illnesses I got to help that aforementioned kid. / Photo from: female-associate-dentist-ltr 123 Dentist. Dentists also must have some job psychology in order to treat their patients.

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