3257. Being Creative and Flexible at Teaching the Lessons

We’ve just started the new school year and we have nice and serious resolutions. And we’d like to improve here and there as well, and this and that and so many other things!
I would advise you to have one goal per day.
And at the end of the work day we could examine whether we got it or otherwise that must be next day’s goal again. Also we should have one goal per class, per lesson, one goal concerning our students: they need to improve at getting focused on what I’m saying, or they need to improve listening for the gist in English, our target language, or even more specific: Let’s start teaching when I’ve accomplished to get them attentive, maybe by means of a warmer activity, like a dictation for example.
One class, one goal.
And the objective must be something we can really achieve, not something too utopic and chimeric. In that way we’ll be trained at also advising our students to make up some achievable resolutions when talking with them, both at tutoring sessions and when addressing the whole class! / Photo from: Grand National Horse and Hound. We are like at a race so we must have clear and specific goals!


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