Thursday, September 7, 2017

3256. How to Motivate Our Students: Some Hint

Our classes should be interactive. Not just attending them, writing or typing some notes and passing the exam.
What about reading something, like a book, journal, article from the Internet, and also discussing about the issue in the classroom? Of course the teacher should present some point, but the students also and this makes them protagonists of the classroom and they can present some point too. This demands some nice effort by them.
Okay, you can try and find out what is best for your lessons and students and their needs.
However if the students take a positive and active position they will have to use nice learning strategies, like planning their work, summarizing and synthesizing, interacting with their classmates, learning how to talk in public for their classmates and the teacher to be able to understand what they just presented.
Thus the class will be some nice discussion about topics and their inherent points, and our students will strive to learn actively. Anyway you should tailor your lessons the way they work better for your own students. All this stuff has to do with the flipped-classroom methodology and is like a concretion of it. / Photo from: Castillo_de_Javier_Turismo_Navarra Turismo en Navarra. There are thousands of topics that are educative for our students, like history: maybe it seems it is useless, from a pragmatic point of view, but if you don’t know your own history you know nothing, and you can’t learn from the past to avoid present and future problems.

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