3268. Have We Realized How Teens Really Are?

As I said on the previous post young people, like our students, are capable of all that is great. They’re at the age when they can contain great ideals and some big generosity.
Sometimes we may think they’re rather troublesome but if we adults help them in the right way, they can become great people, great persons. We can take advantage of individual tutoring sessions in order to help them take what they have in their inner being and heart.
But we grown-ups must set an example. For instance they have the idea of justice very deep inside, and they don’t tolerate we could be more inclined to some students.
Some nice exercise we can do when they’re teens is setting the task of writing about themselves. It’s original. And tell them you’re going to read their essays. You for sure will get amazed at what they’ve written and will see many different things and lives. Even you could learn something useful for your daily teaching and treating them.
By the way, they’re naturally open to the transcendent and great values as well. If we show them who God is they can start to love him as the best dad ever, with also an incredible tenderness of the best mom in the world. / Photo from: Pinterest. As you well know we live in a globalized world and we can have very different students.


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