3261. Are Our Students Really Learning?

Obviously it is great we teachers plan our lessons in a thorough way. Okay.
Some days ago I read on the newspaper that a college professor said that he strived to teach well but he noted his students got bad grades... When he realized about this point one thing he did was to post videos on YouTube so his students could view them and learn better.
He pinpointed his students’ learning processes.
So we could ask ourselves: Are my dear students actually learning? Are they grasping and acquiring the knowledge and practical skills that are contained in my school subject? How are they learning?
Maybe now it’s the right time to pose this important point. Even something pretty good we could do is posing this point aloud to our students in the classroom, to find out if they’re really learning. Be honest and sincere and talk with your students about the relationship between teaching and learning; even more, tell them that you’re worried and concerned about their actual learning, and give them solutions and learning strategies.
You for sure will get interesting feedback and learn how they’re learning… or not. Devote some time to think about this important issue. It’s worth to do it! / Photo from: BBC. The picture is just a nice illustration.


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